Would go full lesbian over.

I love you 😘 you’re the sweetest!
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1€ wine!
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Let me give you all the business

Germany is amazing. Europe is wonderful. Is the culture different? Of course! Is it an adjustment? Without a doubt. But you know what you can do to enjoy the experience here better? Just embrace it all. Enjoy traveling, even if it’s to the next town over. There’s no limit to traveling, everyone’s perception is different. Or maybe take a less than 3 hour drive to France, or 2 hour drive to Austria or Czech Republic. Hit up the hidden gems all around Europe. Make it your treasure hunt. Meet the locals. Pick up a few words in the other languages. Open your mind a little more. Humble yourself. I will be the first to admit that in America, even I have given stares to people that I didn’t feel like belonged in a certain community. We’re so ethnocentric, it’s mind blowing. You know what I do? I smile back at the people who stare or who are rude to me. Don’t say it’s too expensive to travel because there’s the Bayern ticket! Take the train during the weekend, bring some euros for food and just stroll around the small towns. Take in all the beauty in the country. You probably won’t get this chance again. There are plenty of stuff for the kids too, trust me, I’m still a kid so I’ve looked these things up! Go crazy on Pinterest! Make the most of this 3 year, once in a lifetime tour in Germany (or Italy, I know a few of you stationed there)! What I am saying is, stop living your lives on post if you can.

Maybe exploring isn’t for everyone but there’s no excuse for not living your life to the fullest! I’ve learned more about myself through traveling than I did/will through college. It’s an experience you have to see in person instead of seeing pictures and articles to understand the euphoric feeling that takes over you when you enter a new town/city/country you’ve never been to before. I might get some heat for this but it gets tiring to hear and see the things people complain and always look on the negative sides of things. But misery loves company and I won’t be part of that any longer.

Camping trip in St. Goar, Germany right in front of the Rhine River!
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Denis, May 2014
Mamiya RZ67 / Kodak Tri-X
© Selina Mayer 2014